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      Pilates - für Anfänger*innen

      09:00 AM / Evangelische Familienbildung Eppendorf, Hamburg

      Pilates Pilates is an effective full-body workout in which especially the low-lying, but usually weaker muscle groups are addressed and trained. It improves a correct and healthy posture, includes…

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      Yoga und Meditation am Vormittag

      09:00 AM / Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg, Hamburg

      (Almost) every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of the week: 09:00 - 10:00 Yoga and physical exercises to train and strengthen body and mind 10:00 - 12:00 Silent sitting…

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      White Lotus

      05:00 PM / "Kultur Palast Hamburg", Hamburg

      White Lotus is a group of dance enthusiasts who enjoy the energetic dance in various fields such as acrobatics, martial arts, hip-hop, break dance, bellydance and more. Especially the traditional…

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      LI(a)NE DANCER

      06:00 PM / "Kultur Palast Hamburg", Hamburg

      In the Western Line dance, the dancers dance in rows in front of and next to each other. The pieces are usually choreographed to match country music. The dances are danced without a partner and are…

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      Workshop „woodstocking®“

      06:30 PM / Evangisch-lutherische Kirchengemeinde, Wentorf bei Hamburg

      Training for body and mind Find inner peace in 6.5 minutes and get moving woodstocking® is a training system for body and mind. It is based on medical knowledge and experience of Traditional…

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      Qigong zur Stärkung und Beruhigung

      07:30 PM / Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg, Hamburg

      Qigong: relaxation, preparatory exercises, the "The Eight Brocade", graduation self-massage Place: Buddhist Society Hamburg eV, Beisserstr. 23, 22337 Hamburg, lower meditation room (The…

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